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    This is like the second blackberry in a row that shows the same exact fault, before I have used the 9700.

    Sound comes out when I'm playing music/video from the media player but I'm not hearing anything when someone calls, messaged me or even when my alarm is triggered.

    Sound comes out after I take out the battery but it reverts back after a while.

    It was the same for my old 9700 but besides taking out the battery I also had to gently massage the part between the screen and the ear speakers for my ringtones to work again. I tried doing it for the 9900 but it's still...

    Holy...RIM doesn't seem to care to fix the older models build defects but just slap a new body kit around it with a few upgrades at the price of an iPhone4s.

    Using the latest OS from wind.

    Any ideas?
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