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    Hi Guys,

    I live in the UK and I am on Vodafone. I keep hearing that we can pay by NFC, there are a lot of shops here that have contact-less technology, but most people use it with their Barclaycard or something similar.

    Ive had an extensive google and can't really find anything with substance.

    Are we able to pay by NFC yet? If so how?

    Anyone shedding a little light on the situation would be greatly appreciated.

    09-20-11 09:32 AM
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    In a nutshell the answer is no, not at the moment. NFC is still in its infancy so the hardware and software may be there but at the moment its not been enabled for use....it may in the future but as of yet nothing.
    09-20-11 09:49 AM
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    it sucks that it';s not usable yet.. cause NFC is pretty cool..

    In Korea and other parts of Asia you can use your phone to Pay and use the public transit. It's been around for a while..

    about 6 years ago i went to Korea and you could buy those phone accessories (that hang off your lanyard hole) from the subway stations in vending machines and you can reload by placing it on a sensor and use it to scan and pay your fare..

    Toronto just started using NFC with Cards for their public transit but it's not fully integrated yet... i see pay passes at gas stations and the new VISA cards are coming out with NFC where you can just tap to pay but again even though i see the technology sitting there on the store counters, they still make u insert the chip... i guess cause they want u to enter your pin#.

    Montreal has their NFC cards to pay fares as well..

    Google Wallet is coming soon.. so hopefully RIM jumps on it.. so it looks like NFC is coming, it's just a matter of when
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    09-20-11 10:38 AM
  4. Jonnycraig's Avatar
    On vodaphone/with the 9900 the payment side hasn't been activated however it will probably be sooner in the UK than our friends over in north america, as the OP pointed out we already have the infrastructure for it being put in place, on the network side orange have already teamed up with barclycard and brought it out for one of there phones (a cheap samsung) so will probably hit orange sooner than other providers (if we ever get an nfc enabled blackberry)

    in the mean time you can take your phone to the London museum and use the nfc function on your phone to find out more information about displays and to get discount in the coffee shop
    09-20-11 11:58 AM
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    Bank of Montreal is also beginning to offer NFC payment options. Stickers or phone though, doesn't say yet.
    09-20-11 12:08 PM