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    Still getting used to OS7, why am I seeing double apps in both sections? For example I see pandora in my downloads section and also under ALL section. Is there a way to just put it under downloads? You guys were right, I am now noticing that the battery is draining super fast! I did the 10 tips thingy to save battery was posted on cb blog front page a few weeks ago... But seriously are there any other ways to save battery? I use my phone a lot mostly internet and apps, please let me know how to save some battery, kinda dissapointed about this but overall still love my new BB

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    12-25-11 02:36 PM
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    All shows ALL the icons.

    Downloads shows those apps that have been downloaded.

    You cannot move icons between panels.

    You can hide icons on various panels if you want.
    12-25-11 02:49 PM
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    You can mark your most used icons as"favorite" then you can hide it in the downloads or all folder and they will be added to your favorites folder. I only have all and faves as active panels. I have setup the convienience key as media so I can quickly access camera, vid camera and media. As far as saving battery, I turn off wifi, set gps location to e911 when not using either and make sure unused apps are not running in the background. As usual press and hold the bb key, this will show you your active apps that are running. Other than the standard 5, messages, browser, bbm, phone and home there should be little else running unless you have social apps active. Out of habit from owning an old curve I still reboot daily, press and hold alt-right shift- delete. Clears the ram and freshens things up. Good luck with your new Bold, loving mine more each day and I have been using it for 5 months now!

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    12-25-11 02:56 PM
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    Thanks for the replies guys, very helpful... Albee how do you set gps location to e911... I don't really use gps, although telenav gps came preloaded on my phone but I'm not using it because I think they will charge me for it. Is there a gps app that is FREE and has voice-by-voice turn navigation?

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    12-25-11 03:30 PM
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    I don't think you will be charged a monthly fee for telenav, you will just use more data. I know with vz navigator there is a monthly charge. I would call your carrier and ask. Options/device/location settings. Set to e911 only.

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    12-25-11 03:49 PM
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    Iyeah I don't see that e911 maybe because you have verizon, instead I just put location services off, I hope it improves the battery just a lil bit

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    12-25-11 05:05 PM
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    I would leave the GPS off unless you are in need of using it than turn it on.
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    12-25-11 05:34 PM
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    Also adjust your screen brightness to 10 and auto dim check. Manually refresh your social feeds such as Facebook or Twitter. I have FB set manually, berryweather set manually and social feeds refresh every 6 hours.
    12-25-11 10:26 PM