1. -TWH-'s Avatar
    Hey guys,

    It has been a while I am having a great pleasure to read at your tips and comments about everything concerning the BB world. I have to admit all your advises and feedbacks had been a great use to me over the years even if I was not actively participating in those forums.

    But that may change with my brand new BB Bold 9,9k.

    While I was looking for the best OS to install, I came across this one on a french boards (Forum-Blackberry.fr Par Blackberry-FR.com) which is an unofficial release (see thread here : Non - Officiel : OS | credits : Zamal974), some of you seem to have been waiting for a long time since it includes :

    Wifi Hotspot

    Since the package contains English, I felt like sharing this with you guys.

    I cannot tell you a lot about it because I received my new BB few days ago, all I did was unpacking, and install that new unofficial OS right away. I am not using the phone just yet (calibrating battery) and I think I will transfer from my old BB 9k over the week-end.

    Also since I have not tried other OS before I cannot really compare in term of performances, batteries life and such.

    So I am just going to share this with you, since I know you guys like to try/test new things, and maybe you'll be able to make a lot more detailed feedback.


    I wish you all a great deal of fun testing that new OS!

    Moderators/Admins if I missed something in the rules saying we must not share such packages, please apologies and just get rid of my thread.

    BB power!

    12-08-11 04:18 AM
  2. EvilmasterMMA's Avatar
    Thanks, but it's been on the beta/leaked forum here for about a week now. They probably got it from here.

    It's a bit buggy, I recommed .540
    12-08-11 04:50 AM
  3. -TWH-'s Avatar
    Many thanks for your feedback EvilmasterMMA and sorry for the dupe

    I will likely follow your advises and roll back on the .540 version for now because what I saw from your posts in the battery life thread just make me wonder if I will be able to do as good as you knowing that I am a SMS freak and those tend to suck up the battery life pretty fast.

    I shall see.
    12-08-11 04:57 AM