1. Abdullahh121212's Avatar

    I got my bold 9900 today but the battery was open in the box and completely flat so the guy asked me to charge it at home...anyways, it is charging for last four hours and all it shows on the screen is a red cross mark on the battery...do I need to charge it more or does this mean that the battery is bad? I hope there is nothing wrong with the phone because they are out of stock until two more weeks then...
    10-13-11 03:58 PM
  2. dadathepanda's Avatar
    have the battery replaced at the store.
    10-13-11 04:00 PM
  3. aulanicki's Avatar
    Yah that sounds liek a faulty battery, I would definetely go get it replaced.
    10-13-11 04:06 PM
  4. HaTaX's Avatar
    I bet someone had a bad battery and they swapped the original one in that box for it and didn't mark the box properly. You could try calling the carrier and ask that they overnight a new one to you, and explain that the battery was unwrapped when you opened the box. Sounds like it's completely toast and won't take a charge.
    10-13-11 04:07 PM
  5. Abdullahh121212's Avatar
    hmmm...i dont need to explain anything, the box was opened at the shop so he knows that the battery was not in place, if they say anything tomm I will ask them to call him :P his names on the receipt, wont let him go...hahaha but sucks how I could not use it today, was wayy to excited...
    10-13-11 04:15 PM
  6. olblueyez's Avatar
    Cancel the contract if they give you any lip. Problem solved.

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    10-13-11 04:18 PM
  7. blackberry-unlocking710's Avatar
    just go and replace it
    10-13-11 05:14 PM
  8. claykin's Avatar
    Are you certain the battery was the only thing not new? Did handset look new and have protective film over screen, battery door and camera area? If not, get the whole kit replaced.
    10-13-11 05:17 PM
  9. John Yester's Avatar
    Take everything that was given to you the day you got the device.

    Box and all, go to the store and ask for everything to be exchanged.
    10-13-11 06:01 PM
  10. Abdullahh121212's Avatar
    yup, everything else was new, with all the plastic covers and stuff...yeah I went today, they replaced it...LOVING it atm!!
    10-14-11 07:32 AM