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    EDIT: Apparently there was already another thread started up on here about this: Here

    Damn you CrackBerry and not shedding light on the front page about this! If it weren't for BerryReview throwing up a post on it, I (and many others) probably would have never even seen this..

    So many of us are just focused on CrackBerry, but I noticed on my social feeds app today a very interesting concept that was on BerryReview.com

    A kid (16 years of age) who goes by the name of "bongs" on the BerryReview forums (and apparently CrackBerry now aswell) came up with some very cool ideas and concepts for "OS8".

    Curious what you guys think about it and why he did not come here to spill his ideas, but rather BerryReview.com sort of confuses me, but hey! Whatever! (It seems to be his only post ever on their forums so just kinda caught me by surprise so i figured I'd share with those of you who aren't constantly looking at multiple sites for info) Hey, maybe bongs will find his way to this thread and we can pull him over to this incredible community and hear some more great ideas of his

    I added a new program called BlackBerry Documents

    Very talented kid, I think it would be best to spread this and maybe RIM will understand what their users actually WANT. Maybe even give the kid a job and make him rich

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    CrackBerry Forum
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    I hope this is the new OS as this is what RIM need!!!! and i want
    06-24-11 03:30 AM
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    I hope this is the new OS as this is what RIM need!!!! and i want
    It's funny.. If RIM spent a whole 10 minutes in these forums, they would find out EXACTLY what their customers WANT. Sadly, we are left here to do nothing but simply discuss and hope
    06-24-11 03:45 AM
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    great-DESIGN, this kid has got talent
    06-24-11 04:09 AM
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    I think this is really great. Just one or two things I would change.

    The app store is really spectacular.

    Talented kid.
    06-24-11 05:47 AM