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    so I am new to this whole bb thing, I own android device and tablet (fandroid :P), but almost all my friends and colleauges are using blackberry, its time for me to get a new phone so i thought about blackberry and i saw that the top models right now are the bold 9900 and the torch slider (9870?)

    I have heard rumors about hte "colt" but am not really interested in a messaging device that is full touch screen.

    i have read so many reviews about the battery life of 9900, i still dont know how it is in real life.

    for the people who own 9900, how many hours would u get with BBM for few hours, whatsapp / facebook sometimes and some pictures and emails?

    I am not replacing my main phone, I am looking for a secondary very good messaging phone.

    I thought about older models (mainly 9780) but the keyboard was not my taste at all, the bold 9900 on the other hand, looks very comfortable and inviting. havent checked out the torch's yes.

    so any thoughts from real life users of bold 9900 and / or torch slide? any input would be appreciated

    11-13-11 12:21 PM
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    The Torch keyboard is cramped, it will not give you the same experience that the 9900 will, I had one and hated the keyboard. Coming from Android, the screen size of the 9900 may be an adjustment for you, however battery life would probably not be that big of a deal for you. Many users here compare battery life of older BlackBerry's and it will never be as good, the price we pay for fast processors and nice screens!

    Ultimately, it is up to you and my suggestion is that you head to the store and work with them for awhile, see which one you like better. Honestly, both are great devices depending on your tastes and needs.
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    11-13-11 12:32 PM
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    If you are going to use it mainly as a messenging phone I would suggest the 9900. Battery has never been an issue for me. The only benefit of the Torch over the 9900 is screen size.
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    11-13-11 12:33 PM
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    i saw the bold 9900 in action, the keyboard is really comfy, and the screen is really sharp, but as you said, will need to get used to the size, coming from 3.7" amoled display.

    I guess my only concern now is the battery life, if it gets me through a busy day than i would be more than happy with the device.

    thanx for the input
    11-13-11 12:54 PM
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    if the BB is not your main device (is I have understand your post correct)

    then if it should be a 9900 or a torch2 (renaming storm/only touch to torch brand, stupid!)

    I would take the 9900.

    But as a second device for texting etc. (9900 is almost perfect for this) there are a lot cheaper solutions.

    Samsungs pro series (different devices out there, from worse to almost acceptable resolution) or HTC chacha, acer Betouch 230, Motorola droid pro+ or moto pro+, moto fire

    all devices about 200-300 or even less. There is also a device, I think it's called boulder, extreme cheap: 120 Euro. (it's probably in the same price region in US etc.)

    For me I will use the 9900 hopefully till RIM got everything right (incl. no more monthly BB fee) in one or two years or an android with bar-form qwertz keyboard. Hopefully the future will bring good medium to high class androids with this form factor.

    Additional I will use a 7" tablet -> hopefully wifi hotspot will be soon available with OS7.1 (incl. my carrier/provider will set it up (without fee))

    I think a very good physical keyboard device like the 9900 and a tablet like samsung 7" as combination is very powerfull
    11-13-11 01:15 PM
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    I agree, there are many more cheaper (and probably with better OS) phones out there like samsung galaxy pro, and nokia e6 (with its thin body and free navigation, i almost bought that phone the other day)

    but what is really pulling me to the BB world is the BBM, I know there is whatsapp, msn, numbizz, .. etc, but oddly, noone seems to care about them, everyone i know uses BBM, whats up with that? lol.

    I have owned nokia, android, windows phone, its about time i try a BB and see whats all this fuzz about

    and btw, i have asus transformer (Android tablet) , I am typing from it right now, I am inlooove with it, it is perfect for quick games, music, browsing, movies. and the keyboard is just perfect. if you want to go for a tablet, go for this one (or the second version, transformer prime) .. u will not regret! the only thing it lacks is the 3g, you will need a mobile hotspot to go along with it.
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    11-13-11 01:45 PM