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    Hello my friends. I just got my new BB9900 2days ago. I'm still happy about it but there r still few things that r going wrong that I need someone help PlZ. Wat do I need to do after I connected it to DM n all my stuff synch??? Do I need an new OS or the one it has is good for now??? I hv tmo n it says I'm up to date Also I noticed I hv a lot of duplicate contacts. How do I deleted if I'm using Yahoo contacts???? Plz tell me as much as u can about dis phone because so far I'm excited but don't see to much of an improvement besides the touch screen that I already had wih my old bb9800. I don't wanto go go back but dis s to slow!!!! Thx 4 any HELP in advance. .

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    10-18-11 07:10 AM
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    ok, .250 is not really current anymore however a lot of carriers are shipping with .250 or .296.

    The latest leaked version is .440 and loading this onto the phone will provide a lot of nice changes, better battery etc.

    Also shrink the OS, it will give you a little bit extra memory to play with.
    10-18-11 07:27 AM