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    oh my god. literally. that's what i mouthed when i touched it. Sure i might have used my friend's one before. but it's a completely new feeling when you know it's yours. So about 2 hrs after i got my phone. i'm still feeling the excitement of having a new blackberry. ITS LIKE A BOLD.. BUT ON STEROIDS. About 5 minutes into using my phone, i was wondering to myself. How did i ever survive with my 9700 on OS 6. OS 6 was pure crap on the 9700. Constant hourglass appearing, webbrowser closing forcefully. rendering the phone unusable. and the 9900 was like the messiah of all blackberries. omfg.


    back on topic: how do i transfer data from my 9700 to 9900?
    i backed up the data but i read somewhere that the addressbooks weren't backup-ed and i had to enter legacy mode? is that really necessary? and also, did i miss anything out from using the full restore function on desktop manager?

    and what OS would recommend i get?
    Many thanks!
    11-26-11 07:58 AM
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    OS .540 rocks. Stable and great battery life.
    11-26-11 08:01 AM
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    In Desktop Manager, plug in 9900 and open the menu at the top left and press restore

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    11-26-11 08:09 AM