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    Ok, after weeks fighting with a cell store because I could not duplicate my "no signal" issue in store (note: stores have signal boosters/enhancers), therefore they wouldn't replace my 9900.................I video taped the issue at home and made the store mgr watch it. Then I gave them a ticket # from Rogers and they finally replaced my phone under warranty. I chose a white one this time, since it was the newest build on their shelf. Old 9900 was from July 30, 2011 and this new one is Nov 22, 2011.

    Well guess what? The new one is behaving the same way as the old one which was deemed defective by Rogers! I am so pissed off after all this trouble and I still have a 9900 that gets hardly any signal in my house, and drops calls randomly when I'm out and about. It's like I have a "dead zone" at home, and the phone cannot find 3g/4g. And I live in a populated, suburban area, so this should not be happening.

    I have resigned myself to the fact that when at home I will have to switch the phone manually to the old Edge/2g signal, which works just fine. Then I'll turn on 3/4g when I go out. As for dropping calls, I will see if that gets any better, otherwise I will switch to iphone. My husband sits in the same home office as I do, he uses an older iphone 3gs and he's on Rogers like I am..............he has zero issues.
    01-07-12 12:30 PM
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    Ask them for one of those signal booster devices, they might give you one.
    01-07-12 12:54 PM
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    Try updating your OS.
    01-07-12 01:03 PM
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    Maybe ask Rogers to issue you a new SIM card?
    01-07-12 02:07 PM
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    Maybe ask Rogers to issue you a new SIM card?
    this may work. i find it strange as this is the first time i've encountered a case that while on the same network an iphone 3gs beat the 9900 on signal. i've owned both a 3gs and now a 9900.
    01-10-12 07:54 AM
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    Before you rush in to things, you have to be sure that it's really your phone that's acting up.
    One test you could do is the following:

    Since your husband is using a 3Gs he still uses a regular simcard (and not a microsim)
    Put that one in your BB 9900 and do some random tests. (phonecalls, let somebody call you, ...)

    If your problem doesn't reoccur, you know that you have to go and change your sim.

    If it does reoccur, it might have to do with the autoswitching between the connection types eg 2g/3g/4g.
    This can probably be solved by updating the software of your 9900.

    If all this doesn't work you should return it or use the solution you proposed yourself by switching manually.
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    01-10-12 09:50 AM