1. GmZphil's Avatar
    Hi everyone! Im from Philippines and this is my first time to use a Blackberry phone. I have a Bold 9900 which I purchased a month ago. I had a data plan for unlimited internet, social networking, BBM and email. Here's the problem, when I am in Manila I do get 3G signal and Blackberry logo. But when I am in our province (which I permanently stay), I don't get 3G signal instead I had GPRS. The thing is, how is it that my sister-in-law which is using Bold 9700 and my cousin using Torch handsets (we are using same network) are getting 3G signal and I am not? We are at the same place together. Their Blackberry are getting 3G signal and I only get GPRS. Tricky part is, when i inserted my SIM to my brother's Bold 9900, 3G signal appeared on his. But when i used his SIM, he's getting GPRS signal also from my Bold 9900. By the way, my network is Smart. TIA
    09-17-11 11:46 PM
  2. GmZphil's Avatar
    And also, sometimes my signal dropped from 2-3 bars to "X" and then eventually signal comes back. I tried Wipe Data several times and i didn't work. By the way, when I activated my Bold I am using another sim which is Globe, and then eventually I changed to Smart. Does it somehow connected in my 3G/GPRS network issue?
    09-17-11 11:54 PM
  3. Eugene_kho's Avatar
    same here in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I travel alot and even had difficulties changing sim cards (data wipe out is a must, for me.. ) Keep losing 3G and BBIS. GSM, GPRS, EDGE only...
    10-06-11 10:32 AM