1. juliodelgado's Avatar
    Hi there,
    Have had my 9930 for about a month now and I recently just updated the OS on it to the new 7.1 OS and I have not had luck with it whatsoever, causing my phone to reboot at most random times of the day, several times a day.
    If someone could please help me figure out how to dowgrade back to the original OS the phone came in, that would be great! The OS that came preloaded on the phone worked great and I need it back! I've tried to do it through the Software Updates and see if I can downgrade to the previous OS from there but it's not there!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys!
    01-27-12 05:25 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    How did you upgrade, OTA or did you download and install on your computer?

    If OTA I would think dm would give you the option to downgrade. If you downloaded and installed you might need to uninstall 7.1 from your computer but I think there should be a downgrade option with that also.

    Other than that you can download and install the OS you want to your computer and install that way.
    01-27-12 06:15 AM