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    When I go into 'ringtones' under apps, there are 2 items 'all ringtones' and 'my ringtones'. The ringtones that I have made and dragged over from my computer all used to go to 'my ringtones' and were separate from 'all ringtones' which had the standard rim ringtones. All of a sudden, all the ringtones are moved into 'all ringtones' and the 'my ringtones' line shows zero. If I am sending a text message and want to attach a ringtone, now I can no longer access the ringtones that I created (there is a '0' by my ringtones) and the created mp3 ringtones ( the ones that I added) are treated like RIM ringtones and cannot be accessed. Is there any way to separate them back out? Thanks in advance for the help.
    12-22-11 07:44 PM