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    Basically, I had my parents wifi programmed into my old 9330. Never had any issues connecting. Today is my first time at their house with my new 9900, and I can't even *see* their wifi network, yet my dads on it right now with his phone and laptop.

    I tried pulling batt, and messing with settings, not working. As I was clicking the button to join this forum, I connected to the router briefly, then it disappeared again. I'm in the country with terrible service, so I'd love being able to connect. Any ideas?

    Also, not sure if relevant or not, but I recently ported my phone from my own account to my works account. I had to call tech support because my service books were messed up and didn't follow my phone and I couldn't access email accounts.

    12-24-11 04:04 PM
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    Not to re-state the obvious here but it is either the router or your phone. When you log into the router you should check to make sure there isnt a setting that is preventing the network from being discoverable.

    Also - you say you connected to the router than it disappeared? That shouldnt be happening. If the connection to the router is failing to resolve than it sounds like your router is failing (notice I said failing not failed).

    And you say your parents are able to connect using their cell phone? Being out in the booney's and have poor reception will give you poor overall internet connectivity but it shouldnt have an impact on your home network.

    Also - are you able to connect to other wi-fi networks with your phone? Just not this one?
    12-24-11 04:26 PM
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    My dad is using the router RIGHT NOW on his laptop and cellphone, conducting business. He's experiencing no issues. My phone will randomly detect the router, it will register full-blast signal, scoot me thru a page or two, then disappear again. My phone detects ALL the other wifi routers that I use throughout the day without an issue.
    12-24-11 04:32 PM
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    Get your phone switched out
    12-24-11 04:43 PM
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    How old is the router and what cell phone is your dad using? I don't know off hand but I think the 99xx's can connect to b/g/n networks.
    12-24-11 04:44 PM
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    Correct, b/g/n netoworks we can use. Router is brand new N router. His phone is a samsung something or other brand new touch phone.
    12-24-11 04:53 PM
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    had a similar problem when i changed my router. i have some other peeps with routers around and decided to use a fixed channel ( picked 13). my bis didn't work with wifi, had random disconnects/connects. after i switched to auto, it worked. you could try changing the channel ( use something < 6 or auto if the router is set up to use a fixed one).
    12-24-11 05:06 PM
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    Interesting. I'll check that out. Be I'll try restarting the router?
    12-24-11 05:13 PM
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    Troubleshooting Blackberry and Netgear, Curve 8900 Wi-Fi/UMA Connection with NETGEAR Wireless Router

    My next step was to call Netgear. I reached Ryan, agent #3228 in the Philippines after a few menu choices. Ryan took me through the following configuration changes: switch to Channel 11, set Mode to b and g, and turn off WEP. Bingo, the Blackberry connected and rolled right over to UMA mode. It was great but I’m not comfortable in leaving my wireless network unsecured. So he asks me to try WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES], which is a higher level of encryption and the Blackberry connects right-a-way. Ryan then explains that the software on the Blackberry is more advanced than the older models, so it’s using a higher level of security. Thanks to Ryan, my problem is solved and it only took 15 minutes!

    Changing the security from only PSK to PSK + AES solved my problem immediately; I was having the exact same issue as you. Hope this helps.

    edit: I also used the Push-button wifi setup on my router and 9900 to get all the settings correct on my berry after it was able to detect the network.
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    12-24-11 07:38 PM
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    Excellent! I'll try this. Thanks a ton!!
    12-24-11 08:40 PM
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    Ugg I'm so terribly irritated. An OLD ssid my dad had setup onm an old wifi router keeps popping up in my phone that nobody else in my house is picking up. When I was standing next to the router, my wifi signal would pick up intermittently. The thing is, my wifi-manager isn't even *seeing* the. Wtf!!
    12-24-11 10:03 PM