1. gwanstarr's Avatar
    Must say that the combo is so good. Bridge browser is super fast. Stream video (on veetle) with no issue. Loving this and such a huge upgrade from using the 9700 with the PB

    Anyone else noticing and enjoying the impressive performance ? Share your examples.

    11-08-11 02:56 PM
  2. nikolas4129's Avatar
    I have the same combo, but I don't find the need (yet) to bridge as I'm usually at home or my gf's house when I use the PB. It works great for me, I hardly use my laptop anymore.
    What I do like is the portability of the PB, as I put it in the glovebox while driving and put it in my jacket pocket when walking, no need for a carry case! Then I pull it out when needed :-)

    I use my 9900 for quick browsing at work, as I don't have that much time to browse.
    11-08-11 03:47 PM
  3. RubberBroke's Avatar
    Same combo here and yeah, PB + 9900 is waaaaaay better than with my 9700. However since the 9900's battery sucketh I usually do all my voice calls on my 9700 and use the 9900 primarily for data and msging. Divert sorts out the multiple number issue

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    11-09-11 06:54 PM