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    General thoughts:
    Great phone, possibly the first truly perfect smart phone once the software catches up with the hardware. It has enough simple features to satisfy entry level users, but if you are a techno-geek like me you will really love this phone as it can do just about anything. Apps are coming online at a steady pace for the new OS7 and it won't be long until the new theme builder is released and things really start to speed up.

    I have spent zero time needing support for this phone, it just works as it should. And anybody with a couple months worth of computer skills can update this thing and maintain it without any assistance. It's very straight forward. You would have to be a complete **** to not be able to upgrade this phone.

    The good....

    1. This thing is FAST as ****!
    2. Multitasking is seamless. It's smooth even with multiple apps running.
    3. It has memory to spare.
    4. The screen is one of the best in the industry. Much clearer than the iPhone.
    5. The touch screen is super responsive and works as it should. I find it better than the 4S.
    6. App world is great once you update to the latest beta, and has loads of software that works properly on this device, with new stuff added daily.
    7. The price is just right, it is sitting at the top of the food chain as far as technology goes, and it's price point is competitive.
    8: This phone is new from the ground up. It is in fact the nicest blackberry ever made. Much sexier than the 4s.
    9: Haven't had to do a single battery pull on this phone. It has not crashed once. Unlike the iphone which routinely crashes.
    10: Reception is fantastic. I stand beside my friends with iPhones and lol at their little 3 bars as I enjoy 5.
    11: The camera is great, it's responsive and full featured. Takes great pics.
    12: Battery life is fantastic once you upgrade to the latest OS. I easily get 14+ hours of fairly heavy use between charges. My buddies with iphones are envious as they only get around 8-9 hours. lol
    13: Web browsing on this new OS7 is a joy, it's fast and smooth.
    14: The GPS locks in super fast and is pinpoint accurate. Far better than the iPhone.

    The Bad....

    1. We need themes! Release the theme builder please.
    2. I need a holster with a sleeper magnet for my otterbox commuter.

    Between these os7 phones and the playbook, I feel that rim will dominate by q4 2012. Once the BBX OS hits the shelves, nobody is gonna need android or iphones anymore because they'll be able to do everything on their blackberry.

    If you were thinking of picking up the new Bold 9900/9930. I HIGHLY recommend it, they are sold out in a lot of places so you might have to wait a bit. But it is well worth the wait. Best blackberry ever!
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    10-22-11 06:54 PM
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    If you want to do a review, that is fine, but you're not going to name it after someone elses who says the opposite of yours. Feel free to make a new thread but it must have a new title.
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    10-22-11 07:09 PM