1. Calotag's Avatar
    I went to see the phone at VZN store and it looks great. I loved how fast and responsive it is. The feel of BB OS7 is great. I think Blackberry did a great job. A lot of pp. have been asking for this phone for a while and it is awesome. This phone, I believe, is Blackberry at its best: Simple, reliable, KEYBOARD, web browser and all the added perks of BB like BBM and emailing. I think BB needs to just improve on this instead of trying to duplicate the competition....i.e. apple Iphone. They took the first Iphone and kept improving it to this point. I believe RIM needs to come back to its roots and forget that QNX stuff that its gonna be a failure just like the Playbook. BOOOM...

    RIM you are a great company, make great phones that have the most amazing keyboards and have great emailing and security, just stick to that and improve it... Stop imitating hoers when they are actually trying to imitate... IOS 5 with the Imessages...

    When this phone comes to ATT if it comes, I will be all overthtat.
    09-21-11 06:47 PM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    I think QNX will somehow work with the new Os 7 devices or at least that is what I am hoping Lol. But yes the new bold is a nice device with a lot of potential.
    09-21-11 06:53 PM