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    Hi everybody,

    First of all sorry for my bad English!

    I was playing some music on my 9900 speakers today with a couple of friends and noticed something: When I choose a music number for my ring tone and then hit the try button all the way down (or if you get called it's the same effect) it's a lot and I really mean 'A LOT' louder then playing the exact same song as music through the media player. I noticed the same thing when I was trying out a HTML 5 video on the web browser at HTML5 Video Player | VideoJS it's a lot louder ands also sounds better.

    Is this a bug/glitch/fail ? Or does this have a reason and can somebody please explain me?

    I'm sorry if this threat has been already made but I couldn't find it!

    Thanks a lot guys.
    09-18-11 04:16 PM
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    There was a thread on it, but it was mostly inconclusive. My suspicion is, assuming this isn't some glitch that has never been fixed, that RIM intentionally programmed it this way. There are a few logical reasons why they would do this:
    - hearing a ring tone is more important than listening to music most of the time
    - they don't want the speakers to get blown out by the prolonged playing of loud music, as opposed to the occassional ringtone
    - it will be too taxing on the battery

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    09-18-11 06:19 PM