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    hello everyone,,

    I got an unlocked (pin free,,indepented from any carrier) 9900 and my current gsm operator is Turkcell,, so i have Turkcell's official .585 os installed on my phone..everything with my phone including BIS is very smooth and i love .585/.540 hybrid..(i highly recommend)

    but in a few weeks, I will be living in the Netherlands and i am thinking of subscribing Vodafone NL for a new simcard and leaving my Turkcell simcard out at the doorstep..now, the question is,,

    will I have to install Vodafone NL's official OS on my 9900 when I get ready to insert the new simcard?

    BTW,,if any of you guys knows about carriers in NL, may i have your suggestions?? i could really use some help on this..and of course, i want to have BIS with my new carrier also..pre-paid contracts are my first choice..
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    Any carrier's OS that is for your particular device will work. It is not necessary to use an OS from your carrier. I do not even remember the last time I used an official OS from AT&T.

    For your question about carriers in NL, I would suggest that you start a new thread in the Vodafone and Other Carriers Worldwide forums.
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    I'm from the Netherlands I can help you with Vodafone:

    You have a Prepaid Blackberry plan for 12,50 euro you'll get 250MB of data + BIS
    It's called 'Blackberry Blox'
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