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    Well of course there can't be a universal anything in this world. In response to QR codes, Microsoft/Bing decided to make their own tag scanning system.

    Codes like this:

    Definitely not as common as QR codes, but they are out there. (in stores and airports) And my QR code reader and the BBM code reader couldn't decipher the Microsoft tag.

    Found a good tag reader that reads this type of tag only.

    Just type in the BB web browser: gettag.mobi

    (also, for 99XX devices, because of the lack of autofocus in order for the tag reader to be able to decode the tag, I find that it works best to zoom in the camera to the 3rd zoom and use up almost the whole screen with the code) (the tag reader uses the still camera, not the video camera like QR code scanners and the BBM code scanner)
    01-02-12 06:32 PM