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    I know this is a silly question but Google has let me down.

    In my message inbox one of my text message threads shows an indicator icon that looks like a little blackberry handset, rather than the usual symbol which is a little dialogue box.

    What does it mean??
    10-25-11 11:40 AM
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    Usually that means there is a Software Update.
    It think.

    Does it look like this?


    Or this.

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    10-25-11 11:57 AM
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    10-25-11 11:57 AM
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    Nope I've already checked all those guides.

    It looks most similar to this:

    but narrower, without the arrow and with the contrast reversed - a white handheld device with black lines representing the keyboard and black screen. I'm in my message in-box, this is the symbol for an SMS text chat, rather than the usual dialogue box symbol.

    The SMS chat is to an overseas number - would that make any difference?
    10-25-11 12:15 PM
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    It would be because BB7 Is slightly different than BB6.

    That sounds expensive.

    Have you initiated a reboot?
    10-25-11 12:20 PM
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    Here it is - first message on the list.

    10-25-11 12:34 PM
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    Maybe not such a stupid question? Seriously - someone must have seen this icon before!
    10-25-11 01:31 PM
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    Here it is - first message on the list.

    Click to view quoted image
    It's bcos its from one of your BBM contacts that have their sms messages also showing within BBM. This happens when in BBM options you tick the box that says "show text messages of contacts linked to blackberry contacts"
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    10-25-11 01:45 PM
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    Aha! Thanks BlackB_G - I didn't realize I had that option checked. I'm still not entirely certain what the point is - just so I can respond from within BBM rather than from my message inbox ?
    10-25-11 02:12 PM