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    My bold 9900 has been working great the only problem I have and it has become a major annoyance is that the memory card randomly stops being recognized. It will work for a few days than just stop at which time I have to remove it and reinsert for it to work. Sometimes, I have to do this numerous times in succession for it to work. I have a lexar 16gb and it was used in my 9800 with no issues. I've had my 9900 format it but the same problem occurs. Any suggestions?
    10-04-11 04:26 PM
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    Help Anyone?!?!?

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    10-06-11 12:20 PM
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    You may need to experiment by getting another memory card and seeing if that fixes the issue. It could be the phone if other cards also do not work properly.
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    10-06-11 12:31 PM
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    Thanks, I'll do that. I was thinking it might be something with the phone. The phone otherwise is in perfect condition, and after some of the horror stories I've heard I don't really want to send it in for another phone.
    10-06-11 02:16 PM
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    Its your reader...I had (HAVE) the same problem...search CrackBerry for memory card error...SADLY I don't know the WHOLE fix...PLUS I could be wrong...when I tryed to look it up I saw you needed a computer to fix it...I don't have one...AGAIN

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    10-06-11 02:24 PM