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    I have an issue with the Media Sync function on Blackberry Desktop and the ability to access saved music for use in personalised ring tones. I use a playlist I have set up in itunes to hold all music I want transferred. And when I go into 'Media' on my handset after a sync I can see all the songs there ... my issue is when I try to assign one of those songs as a ring tone.

    If I go to 'Change Sounds & Alerts' then any of the 4 options to change ringtones & then scroll through all the factory set sounds to get to 'All music', there are no songs to choose from! I've gone into 'Applications' then 'Files' to check where the music is being saved to and it's under File Folders/Device/home/user/music/Media Sync/ ... I was wondering if the cause is that it should be in 'Music' instead of 'Music/Media Sync' but am completely guessing ... it's got me stumped. Could anyone tell me what is going wrong?

    Thanks in advance.

    09-26-11 04:58 AM
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    My music has always been saved to a media card, so I can't help you. I have never had a problem with selecting music from my card. But then again I never use media sync.

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    09-26-11 07:59 AM
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    I have always used the media player to select a song, then open the menu while song is selected and assign as ringtone .. Easiest way I know .. Then it is now in your ringtone list as well

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    09-26-11 08:10 AM