1. Raikozy's Avatar
    Well first of all forgive me if I ask stupid question because this is my first blackberry.

    I have 2 phones before this bold, the nokia n70 and erricsson 890i. When I'm playing a music and go to the home menu, I can see a mini media player icon on top, like a notification or something that stays there whenever I play something. Even the ipod and ipad has it. So does this phone has it? If yes, how do you turn it on. I have this phone for about a month now and I never see this icon
    10-07-11 02:33 PM
  2. cooliosam's Avatar
    there's no icon. the only icon is if you hold the BB button down for the app switch. then you can see the media player icon. But there is no icon on the home screen.
    10-07-11 02:42 PM
  3. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Two things I can think of to substitute for an actual running notification icon. You can either click menu and hit Now Playing, or if you have QuickLaunch (which I highly recommend), you can create a shortcut to Now Playing. You can also create a shortcut for your homescreen to the media or music apps if that helps. I did like on Android how the pull down notification panel had the currently playing song listed so one tap takes you to the player.
    10-07-11 03:17 PM