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    Here's the issue I'm having with my media on my BB9900.

    If I choose to play an album the device won't play the tracks in the order as found on the album. It will go from song 1 to song 5, back to song 2 then 9 for example .... (This is an example, the songs are random)

    It is NOT playing them in alphabetical order either (I thought that was the problem but noted there was no set pattern on playback) and I am sure that the shuffle feature is off.

    I never noticed this before until I synched with Itunes. Normally I group a bunch of songs in a playlist according to my mood but last night wanted to revisit a few albums I haven't listened to in a while.

    As far as synching the device with itunes, here's what I have done. I created a playlist in iTunes and called it - BOLD 9900. I drag all the albums I want to synch into that folder and always select that folder for the synch. I find if I just select an artist it gives me all their albums (There has got to be a better way for the synch to work to allow you to pick and choose the albums from a particular artist ... but creating the playlist folder to synch with is a good workaround.

    However, when playing back, the songs, although listed in order on my device, are not being played back in order on the device.

    Issue#2 ... I also noticed that for example, o few of my albums have bonus tracks. Let's say they are found at the end of the album and are tracks 15 and 16 on an album. What the synchronization will do is actually create another album for that artist and list those tracks as songs 15 and 16 in that new album instead of listing them as 15 and 16 in the actual album.

    Any help or suggestions anyone can offer? Much appreciated to anyone who takes the time to reply.
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    Kinda same here, but it DOES go in alpha order. That's if I bb menu-play on album. But if I open album to track listings, and play first track, it will play ouT correctly.

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