1. Airrr's Avatar
    How can I maximize the amount of photos I keep on my phone?

    I've asked a similar question a while back but the solutions were only temporary and I'm just beyond myself.

    Here's the deal :

    - Currently I have 1450 photos stored on my Blackberry (and only about 10 >5 min movies)
    -I do have a memory card
    -I don't have a computer that I can store my photos on
    -I clear my emails, browsing history and cache every other day
    -I only have about 4 downloaded apps I use

    I plan on buying an iPhone very, very soon but I still would enjoy taking pictures on my Blackberry like any other normal person in the world!

    Any advice on temporary solutions? Other items to delete (beside the photos, that I constantly try to clean out) that can maximize my space?
    03-14-12 05:59 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    What else do you have that is expendable?

    There are computer programs that can reduce the size of those photos with not that much loss in clarity/resolution but you would lose some.

    On the subject of no room on your computer - you can get usb harddrives or usb-flash drives to store the photos. And I would recommend you do that ANYWAY. If those photos are precious, then you really should make/keep copies of them somewhere besides your phone. Accidents, phone-loss, etc could blow them all away.
    03-14-12 09:41 PM