Hey guys. Been using my Bold 9900 since the day it came out. I was under the impression that becuase of the processing power and internal mem, that this phone would be awesome. But its not...

    The phone constantly freezes...

    I have a 16gig micro sd card in there where all of my media is saved.

    Granted, I do have a TON of emails in my phone but I thought thats what bbs were for?

    I dont have many 3rd party apps installed..

    What do you reccomend I do to get my BB running in tip-top shape?
    10-28-11 09:47 AM
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    i was in the same shape as you when i first got my 9930 a few weeks ago. it was lagging and freezing and i thought it was suppose to be better then my 9800 which was giving me the same performance . i also have a ton of emails due to business related

    how i fix my problem is by doing this

    Back up your device, But DONT BACK UP options and applications permission , use BBSAK or any tool you like to wipe your device, Install the latest os (if your on a 9900 thats .440, if your on a 9930 thats .374)
    and then restore all your info back again

    it works for me.. now i hardly see the clock and no lag here and there..
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    10-28-11 09:55 AM