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    Hi, my friends. I got my  9800 like 3mths ago. I luv it. Its white my fav. But ever since I saw tmo coming out with the bb9900 I went craxy. At 1st I didn't want to pay full price but last night after calling a tmo agt n threated them of living after 10yrs eith them the agt xfer me to (mike) the nicest agt n he upgrade one of mu lines 4 only $99 with a $50 rebate. So good so far. Now I'm wodering is that Igood move? How much diff r both fones? N any advice I can get from u guys be5 I get the 9900 on friday will be greatly appreciated????????

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    10-11-11 06:46 PM
  2. andino's Avatar
    Its a great phone. Though the form factor is a bit different from your 9800. Are you using the 9800 on tmo?
    10-11-11 06:52 PM
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    You absolutely won't be sorry. Os7 devices are miles ahead of prior devices.

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    10-11-11 08:21 PM
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    Thx guys, as soon as I get it on Friday I will tell u how I'm doing. PLZ keep me post it of any changes. Thx U.
    10-11-11 09:02 PM
  5. sorash's Avatar
    Yes I'm using it on tmo is unlocked
    Wat is the form factor?
    10-11-11 09:04 PM