1. genuino's Avatar
    All is working ok but one little thing. Using logicmail 2.0, version 2.1 won't pass the splash screen. Anyway, logic mail is loosing connection after 5 minutes or so, I have to go to the inbox to connect again and is fine for a while.
    I saw a setting on the advance settings called Load increment set to 5, do I need to change it for a permanent connection? or increase it to a higher number? A higher setting will still be disconnecting if no activity. How do I keep it connected?
    Help needed, first time using Logicmail.
    02-09-12 09:19 AM
  2. genuino's Avatar
    I found the solution, usually user mistakes . After reading emails I was closing the app, instead of keeping it open, happy now.
    02-09-12 11:46 AM