1. chadecoen's Avatar
    I know it has been discussed to death with older BB devices but can our 9900 send movie audio to bluetooth?

    I just returned from a bus trip and couldn't figure out how to make the bluetooth play the movies. Is there a way?

    Wired headphones worked great buy the way. I read a ton of info about converters and what not to watch movies on my 9900 but I didn't have to do anything but drag and drop the movies to the memory card and they played just fine. 1 was a torrent file, 1 was a dvd rip, and I am not sure what the last one was but they all played with no issues. Was very nice!!!!!!

    Well, I did notice the phone lagged a little when switching from the movie to answer a call or do a text but is was minimal.

    12-21-11 09:18 PM
  2. blackguy07's Avatar
    as longs as it plays through the speaker it should work through bluetooth.
    12-22-11 12:47 AM
  3. chadecoen's Avatar
    Weird. Yep, it plays through the speakers and wired headphones just fine but not through bluetooth. I didn't see any settings in the options for turning it on for the movie audio or anything.

    12-22-11 09:03 AM