1. kryptic123's Avatar
    Hello my fellow crackberry users and abusers. I'm having a problem with my bold 9900 and its reallt beggining to get irriating, if I'm using the browser too go on FB etc too click a link I have too zoom in, I wouldn't mind too much if it was only a couple of times but but its everytime does anyone know how too sort this out?
    01-15-12 05:52 PM
  2. jack.hoang's Avatar
    I believe you can't really do anything about it. if i were you, i would just resort to using the Facebook app! i guess that's why the app is made for the blackberry.
    01-15-12 05:53 PM
  3. kryptic123's Avatar
    I don't really like the FB app, its too restrictive in a way of, you can't delete people etc. Thankyou for the fast reply.
    01-15-12 06:00 PM
  4. kryptic123's Avatar
    I know that, its just irritating too have too do it for every page too navigate away from it.
    01-15-12 06:13 PM