01-05-12 01:04 PM
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  1. proctph's Avatar
    No place did I call the person a liar. It could be implied that I question his business practice and without question would state that even bringing up trackpad problems based on the submitted picture a waste of time and hurts the credibility of all other claims. The Bold 99xx is the best communication device available bar none.
    You told him you don't believe a word he's saying... isn't that kinda the definition of calling him a liar? You then challenged him to show you proof, which he did. At that point, you proceeded to belittle the issue by telling him his standards are too high. I agree with you regarding the software related issues, but for the prices we're expected to pay for these "premium" devices, what I'm seeing in that picture (and worse elsewhere in the forum) is completely unacceptable. Respectfully, I think your standards are too low if you think close is good enough.
    10-14-11 06:11 AM
  2. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    @pondhockey and dechyper44
    if you happy with ur 9900/9930 then i'm glad for you
    but some of use don't
    thats why i started this topic in the first place.
    thank you for your reply and enjoy your perfect phone.

    @protcph and cbreze
    thx for the comments :P

    anyway i still hoping RIM will read this though.
    or realseing better OSes
    cause now everyday i'm so tempted to open a brand new box of 9780 to reaplce my 9900
    really can't live with the battery life,
    in busy day i charged it up to 3 times , its like taking a prescription medication
    10-17-11 02:43 PM
  3. EvilmasterMMA's Avatar
    We have a fleet consisting of hundreds of blackberries in the field here. We have been rolling out 9900s for the past couple weeks, we have about 90 out in operation right now with more tested and ready to go in the near future. Of those, we have had zero DOA phones, they have all worked properly and were all deployed. The only thing we are doing is updating the OS to fix the freezing and battery problems. Otherwise, they are good to go out of the box.

    And our end users are absolutely loving them. The Bold 9900 + The Otterbox Commuter + An iSheildz screen protector = Happy executives.
    10-17-11 04:00 PM
  4. antony99's Avatar
    We have a fleet consisting of hundreds of blackberries in the field here. We have been rolling out 9900s for the past couple weeks, we have about 90 out in operation right now with more tested and ready to go in the near future. Of those, we have had zero DOA phones, they have all worked properly and were all deployed. The only thing we are doing is updating the OS to fix the freezing and battery problems. Otherwise, they are good to go out of the box.

    And our end users are absolutely loving them. The Bold 9900 + The Otterbox Commuter + An iSheildz screen protector = Happy executives.

    Please update us just on how many of those 9900's brick themselves for no reason during an overnight charge... and how you fix them without sending them for repair! There's a rapidly growing community that is most desparate for an answer!
    10-17-11 05:38 PM
  5. RCCollins's Avatar
    What is horrifying is that RIMs software is even worse than their build quality. Calling their software half baked is being generious.
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    10-17-11 06:02 PM
  6. EvilmasterMMA's Avatar
    Brick themselves on an overnight charge? Well, ok. If we have any that do that, I'll update. So far it's been pretty smooth going. (knock on wood).
    10-17-11 06:03 PM
  7. bradkb's Avatar
    now everyday i'm so tempted to open a brand new box of 9780 to reaplce my 9900
    really can't live with the battery life,
    in busy day i charged it up to 3 times , its like taking a prescription medication

    Exactly what I am doing, cancelled the upgrade, returned the 9900, once thats back getting a 9780, loved my 9700, and its essentially the same.

    Sorry Rim, wont be taking the new flagship(as you should drop the flag and replace the p with a t...), if I wanted this kinda battery life would have gone for an iPhone.
    10-17-11 06:46 PM
  8. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    i use i phone too
    iphone 4
    and the battery life is better than this 9900 :P
    just so you know.
    10-18-11 03:53 PM
  9. roundersfan's Avatar
    If you have a 9900 that bricked itself, BOMBARD them with calls and emails so they will know that we are pissed off and demand a RMA solution!!!

    BlackBerry Customer Support Center
    1-877-255-2377 (North America Toll Free)
    0808 100 7466 (Toll Free UK Only)
    +44 1753 558400 (Outside UK)
    1-519-888-6181 (Worldwide)
    10-18-11 05:16 PM
  10. ElDuderino2112's Avatar
    I don't have a single problem from your list. If I did I would be mad as well. Sorry for your bad luck but I can only say I love my 9900 and would not trade it for any phone on the market.

    Same here. No problems so far and wouldn't trade it for the world. I just got it today though so we'll see how the battery life is.

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    10-18-11 08:59 PM
  11. mhw100's Avatar
    I'll just chime in here to say that I think the build quality is disappointing too. I obviously haven't seen as many devices as the OP but likely > 45 now and none of them were cosmetically correct. Misaligned trackpads, trackpads turned counterclockwise, call-end panels higher or lower than the screen. The list goes on and on.

    Having said that, after 3 replacements I found one that is pretty perfect except for a slightly counterclockwise trackpad that has a light that is lavendar in color. I've kind of given up although it still p****s me off I that should have to put up with this nonsense having paid $600. It’s a great phone that functions really well but man, what a disappointment relative to the cosmetics.
    10-18-11 11:37 PM
  12. Linsb07's Avatar
    Let's see how many 9900s I went thru before this one:
    - Squeaky trackpad
    - Browser would work for an hour then stop
    - Found one that worked (I work for a carrier so got to try a few before committing)
    Then I had the third one for a week then all buttons completely stopped working... Only touchscreen, no keys at all
    - My current one is pretty good, but still squeaks...

    My co-worker had hers about a month, then the re-booting... Had to send for REPAIR (not back yet....)
    An ex-co-worker had issues as well (can't remember) and had to DOA after a week
    I've seen 3 doing reboots outside of my co-worker's

    I tried contacting BBHelp on Twitter and they were a bunch of nardwars and took forever (days and days) to reply and seemed less educated than I am when it comes to trouble-shooting

    I've also seen buttons fall out within a week...

    I thought the double-typing on 9780s was mostly with the white model, but could be mistaken. I know the white one also suffered from chronic breaking and cracking of the metal bars beteween the keys...

    Really, it is what it is. Still a great device. But I have seen a lot of issues. Disheartening when a Galaxy S2 is in the same price range. We alllll used to use Berrys and now most co-workers have gone Android or are going 4GS when it launches.... And I am pained when making that statement...

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    10-19-11 02:45 AM
  13. chustle925's Avatar
    Don't worry folks, this company might not be around much longer anyway.I hate to say it becuase I actually like Blackberries.They don't care about quality anymore, they are playing catch up to the competition, they will not not even honor warranty on their products from consumers that have bought them say from a place like Ebay or Craigslist.I really don't think it should matter where the unit was purchased,if the unit is bad and within warranty and doesn't have obvious physical or water damage then they should rectify thesituation.They need to learn something from Apple. Just a small rant, but if you are interested in some Blackberry devices check me out in the market place.I will be having all my Blackberries and my Playbook up for sale within the next couple of days,all because of lack of quality control and failure to take care of their loyal customers.
    10-19-11 10:33 AM
  14. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    now YOU see there's a lot of other people who are as "unlucky" as me.

    i've tried the OS.439 and .440

    a lil improvement in battery life
    but still got bugs
    like the :
    -Auto scrolling of the trackpad esp. in browser
    -screen off when in a call

    and battery is still need to be charged at least twice a day.

    and now my 9900 screens seems to start to flicker


    this is frustating.
    i really really want to retire this so called "flagship" smart phone
    but i really can't live without BBM, all my bussinness are dependent on the BBM cause in my country , most people uses BBM to do bussiness transactions.

    i maybe "upgrading" to 9360
    10-19-11 12:53 PM
  15. Linsb07's Avatar
    Oh and my current 9900 will randomly have the red indicator come on and flicker until I do a battery pull or alt+shift+delete... sadness!

    Dee-Q would you really not go to a 9810? It really is quite nice. I don't think the 9360 would be a great device for business use.

    Sometimes I do miss my Tour... well... often. But I loved it as it was my first BlackBerry. I had 2 of them. Maybe patience will win. Even though I've had a lot of issues and seen a lot of issues, I'm holding on for now
    10-19-11 06:17 PM
  16. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    i don't like the torch or storm
    cause honestly i don't really like touch screen (if iPhone comes out with qwerty keypad i'm sure im gonna leave blackberry for good :P)
    thats why i'm thinking abouut 9360.

    actually, for me , the best BB i ever use is 9700 with OS 5
    but you in my country you can't find the brand new unit anymore
    and 9780 with OS6 is a little bit slow , thats why i'm thinkning about the 9360
    but my customer says that the battery life is also super bad on the new curve

    maybe i'll go back to 9780 then
    10-20-11 01:54 AM
  17. Tihor's Avatar
    @ifraser and @dmarch
    congrats for your great phone :P
    i guess you are among the lucky ones that have a "good" build quality 9900
    anyway i'm happy for you, money well spend , unlike most of them who don't.

    thx man, but i don't know how to send it to RIM. or wheter they will bother to read my mail or not . in my country, the BB is mostly made in Mexico or Hungary.
    but most of the one that have problems are those from mexico, reagardless of where they are build, i think RIM should produced better build quality phones, cause we customer don't really care where the devices are made, we only understand that we spend our money to get a RIM's Blackberries, and we expect them to be more or less perfect.
    btw the key fell of problem are for those who uses the original RIM pouch.
    the middle part of the keyboard are usually the one that fell off. from my observation, i think that is due to the pouch being super tight, but i'm just a normal person, the "expert" at RIM should know better about what's going on, well i guess.

    thx for agreeing with me on bad build quality.
    i never had issues with my previous blackberries. only the 9780 that i sold to my customer , few of them have double typing keypad, but still the count rate is about 1 per 10 phone sold, so i guess that is not so bad. btw i live in tropical country maybe our humid weather contribute to the problem ?

    9780 have the double typing problem, but like i said the count rate is quite low in my shop, about 1 per 10 phone sold. all phone in my country is not telcos subsidised. in my country we pay full priced, which is US$ 600 + per phone for the 9900.
    and the proccess of returning for exchange can take up to 1-2 weeks, imagine how the customer react ? most of them are really upset because of this.
    and i'm authorized shop for RIM. not those black market type but still if i asked the RIM headquarter in my country to send me a new 9900 for retail they will send me within half day. but if i request them to send a replacement unit , it can take up to 2 weeks cause they said the stock is limited.

    i'ts not only my experiences, my customer also feel the same way.
    like i told you the double typing issues on the 9780 is far less compared the issues that 9900 is having.

    you were saying ?...

    @Pond HOckey
    you don't believe what i said ?
    its okay, i don't force you to. but look at other threads in this forum, lots of other people experiencing the problem i wrote above.
    and i did post the "croocked" trackpad problem somewhere in this forum before.
    Click to view quoted image

    @mikeconnors 81
    i'm happy for you :P

    i guess if you asked RIM their answer will be "future OS releases can help you on that" but im sure that's not the answer you are looking for.

    feel so sory for you.
    And here I am, thinking I was the only one sufferring with a crooked trackpad!
    10-20-11 08:55 AM
  18. guerllamo7's Avatar
    I'm sorry but I find this hard to believe. Since you posted this I'd like to see pictures and serial numbers that can verify this info.

    If you have an iPhone 4 then you know about the phone / antenna issues. I had to see this for myself and sure enough I watched the bars go down as I held it until it dropped my call. This is probably why they put two antenna's in the new one. Their single antenna was a disaster. Even consumer report said not to buy it.
    I'm not going to claim you statements are not true but I have purchased four Bold 9930s and three Torches and we are heavy users at my small business. I mean heavy users and none of us have had the problems you have mentioned.
    The keyboards are built as tough as BlackBerry makes them and they are awesome. The screen is awesome and frankly the phone is superior to any other phone when you sum it up.
    I have noticed that many people that post negative comments on the phones also have iPhones and that is interesting. I also had an iPhone and am much happier with my Bold 9930. I am not a loyalist for the sake of it. I tried different phones and owned them. The biggest battery disaster was the HTC Evo 4G. Talk about no battery life. drop dead by mid-day.
    Perhaps not you but many people seem to be attacking RIM for reasons other than what they claim. I wondered why and realized that RIM has 70 million users and RIM a security infrastructure that can't be matched. Why would others not attack it?

    Maybe you have these issues but everyone I know that has purchased Bolds just love them. I've purchased them from two different places and at different times so I don't understand how you have so many problems.

    I suggest people considering the Bold 9930 just go check it out themselves and then decide. You can buy the phone and if you have issues, which I doubt, you can always return it within 30 days. My bet is that people that get it will love them just as much as we have.

    There has been a slew of false statements about RIM in the last few months, from them discontinuing the Playbook to problems with the new (very well selling) devices. A salesman told me not to buy the Playbook because it was hard to use and the videos had a halo behind the heads of people. Another lie. I was getting one for my dad so I had mine, so I finally pulled it out and showed him how easy it was to use and played a movie and guess what? No halo! But I did learn he got paid a higher commission for selling the 3g tablets, which would have cost me $50.00 bucks per month.

    RIM is not without their issues but they do provide rugged and durable devices that just work well. With the new OS7 devices they are not only reliable but a joy to use. Saying the Bold 9930 keyboard is going to basically explode when you touch it is about as ridiculous as saying that Steve Jobs died of cancer because the iPhone causes cancer. It is just not true.
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    10-20-11 09:23 AM
  19. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    about iphone 4 antena issues, actually i can't replicate it , but then again they giving me freee apple bumper and i never have any problem with it.

    about this 9900 build quality problem
    you can read the beginiing of this thread where i post the picture of my croocked trackpad, but that is not the worse , cause one of the member here says he's seen worse.

    go figure.
    10-20-11 01:03 PM
  20. dancadman's Avatar
    I realize this thread is a couple of months old now, but I just replaced my wife's VZW Curve 2 with a nice new 9930 Bold Touch. There really isn't anything wrong with her old phone except the battery is shot, and the OS is waaaaaaay outdated. So, the 9930 is quite awesome and she loves it. 4 days after she got it, the right shift went missing. She never dropped it and we still don't know what caused it to come off. She swapped it yesterday, and on this one the plastic that covers the call buttons, bb button, and back buttons is not flush with the screen. The last phone was. In fact, if you slide your finger across from left to right, it feels like a roller coaster ride for your finger. You can look at the phone from the top and see the edge of plastic sticking up. The company I work for has 15+ BB phones and 5+ Playbooks, which I help take care of, and we have had a few problems with hardware, but I've never seen anything like this. We have 3 9850's, one of which is mine, and those are great.

    Well, I'm going to go to the wireless store with my wife today and talk to them about this one, and if they don't have any in stock, I will be going with her when they get new one in, and I will inspect every inch of it. The first one was perfect until the key came off.

    What concerns me the most is that if RIM keeps having problems like this with their flagship phone, they are just shooting themselves in both feet now. Been a BB user and abuser for at least 5 years now, and I don't want to switch to anything else. However, if they keep this up I'll be looking Android or Windows Phone. Not a fan of the iStuff.

    So, 10-Dee-Q, I unfortunately have experienced the same issue now, 2 months later. I think a $600 phone should be prefect. RIM, hello?
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    01-05-12 10:19 AM
  21. SWBYPS's Avatar
    My 9930 worked flawlessly for the first two months I had it. One day it was responding sluggishly so I did a battery pull. Phone rebooted...BRICKED! I think that it is foolish to dismiss the vast array of issues reported with these devices. Look, I love my BB, but the fact is that the release of this phone was poor. You don't have to look any farther than RIMs stock performance to tell you what consumers think..we all know that.
    01-05-12 12:11 PM
  22. KodyShadow's Avatar
    Rogers just admitted to me finally (retentions dept on the phone) that its a known issue the 9900's had major issues with the first 2 batches made. Most were battery and antennae issues, which explains the problems I am having. They assured me 100% that if I get another unit now, that was made more recently, the problems will be gone. Off to fight with Future Shop about their abysmal warranty plan................
    01-05-12 12:53 PM
  23. cooljatt18's Avatar
    I agree with OP, Blackberries are the best phones that I have ever used and will never think of using another brand but then poor build quality, ever developing OS and other small issues become a big bumper coz one doesn't expect a brand new phone to be crippled with flaws. For all those people who say that a little misaligned trackpad is fine and this and that need to know one thing that it is not about misalignment it is about the feeling which you get when you buy new device etc if you open a brand new device and see it has shoddy built quality, how will you feel to add to that some people have build quality issues and some don't. one's who have these issues feel cheated and will consider other brands when they are out shopping for anew device.
    This can bee clearly seen as iphone sold 4 million devices in first week where as Blackberry haven't sold anywhere near that. RIM needs to pull its socks. If they gey these little flaws corrected they could beat any and every brand
    01-05-12 12:59 PM
  24. Procterboy's Avatar
    Sad enough as it is, I have a friend who works at Rogers Wireless, and he said regarding phones in for service 95% are Blackberrys which is really sad
    01-05-12 01:03 PM
  25. RimUnlock's Avatar
    I don't have a single problem from your list. If I did I would be mad as well. Sorry for your bad luck but I can only say I love my 9900 and would not trade it for any phone on the market.
    I'm in this camp..:-)
    01-05-12 01:04 PM
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