1. sneekgeek's Avatar
    In BGR's pics, it looks like its going with the plastic, carbon fiber-look of the Tour/Bold 9650 series for the battery cover. I really, really hope they stick to the leather (or pleather) they started with the 9000. I had an unlocked one on T-Mobile, and it just felt luxurious to hold in the hand. I felt like a pre-teen holding a girl's hand for the first time... *sigh* Haha.

    What does everyone else think? Plastic or leather? Which do you guys prefer? They kept the leather going for 9700 and maybe they'll continue with the Dakota.

    This is the dream phone. I'm most likely leaving Android for the Dakota if it hopefully ever comes to T-Mobile.
    01-28-11 11:26 AM
  2. DustBow's Avatar
    I really like the feel of the pleather on my 9700
    01-28-11 11:43 AM
  3. ridesno159's Avatar
    I think the pleather is disgusting! It feels cheap and looks unprofessional. I can't believe they're still putting that crap on phones. I hope to god it's not on the Dakota, pleather battery doors needed to end years ago...
    01-28-11 11:46 AM
  4. lengend's Avatar
    I really like the feel of the pleather on my 9700
    Me too! So I hope they keep it.

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    01-28-11 12:22 PM
  5. mthomps07's Avatar
    Depends on the design. If the battery door encompasses the majority of the back of the phone, I would prefer it without pleather. It feels so nice in the beginning but looks so aged when it wears down. If it is more along the lines of the 9700 design, I wouldn't mind the pleather. Overall I think they should ditch it. Go more futuristic than old school.
    01-28-11 01:52 PM
  6. Evan_O's Avatar
    I love the pleather on my 9700. I'm kind of up in the air on this one. I think the 9650 has a nice back too, but I'm used to the leather look.

    I'm sure whatever they do will be "bold"

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    01-28-11 02:28 PM
  7. Skeevecr's Avatar
    One possible thing with the back cover is that the cdma and gsm versions will get different ones and at the moment we are just seeing one of those in these leaks.

    Personally I wouldn't mind something like the back from the Torch as it feels fine, means the phone isn't slippy to hold and isn't too overstated.
    01-29-11 05:36 AM
  8. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    I like the look of the pleather myself. Not to mention it don't slide everywhere you put it. Hoping the stick with it like on the 9700...

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    01-29-11 08:07 AM
  9. kmbauer's Avatar
    I really like the pleather on my Bold 9700. It gives it a distinctive feel no other phone has, feels good in hand and sticks so well to the leather in my car center console to prevent any sliding.

    I hope the go back to it, but it looks like they have moved away from it.
    01-29-11 08:12 AM
  10. JohnAlpha's Avatar
    I liked the look and feel of it on the 9000 and 9700, so I wouldn't mind seeing it make another appearance. In the end it isn't really a big deal, though, since I always have a case on my phone and only see the battery cover when I'm doing a battery pull.
    01-29-11 10:52 AM
  11. BBPP's Avatar
    Polished burr walnut for me thanks
    01-29-11 03:24 PM
  12. BravoBBY's Avatar
    Hardened steel... Ftw.

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    02-07-11 08:16 PM
  13. elgolfman's Avatar
    Leather door
    02-07-11 08:28 PM
  14. mountainman's Avatar
    It totally does not matter. This bad boy is going to be my pocket buddy, and it will have an Otterbox on it for most if its life.

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    02-07-11 10:19 PM
  15. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    and i'm being serious.
    the watch strap is made of Kevlar.

    02-07-11 10:27 PM
  16. xenomorph113's Avatar
    I really like the feel of the pleather on my 9700
    I've always liked the leather on the bold 9000/9700's I think it feels better then the plastic of my old curve. I hate the rubberized plastic of the new curves, feels like I'm holding a melted down condom strapped on a phone

    Keep the leather/pleather!!

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    02-11-11 02:41 PM
  17. chaseh140's Avatar
    I'm hoping for a storm style metal battery cover
    02-15-11 08:11 PM