1. iandean's Avatar
    Blackberry 9900 DM on Mac

    At purchase my 9900 had all European languages including Italian

    Plugged into DM on Mac and offered OS7.0 bundle 2406 OS upgrade - install

    Now Italian has disappeared from the list of languages


    How can I restore?

    Thanks for your help

    02-11-12 02:55 AM
  2. infinus's Avatar
    you can manually inject cod files using BBSAK tool.
    download/install os which has Italian language. identify cod files related to Italian language and install it manually using BBSAK.
    you can look for these cod files
    net_rim_bb_magnetometercalibration_resource__it.co d
    02-11-12 03:21 AM
  3. iandean's Avatar
    Thank you for the detailed response - just two further questions

    Are these .exe files? I have tried to download the OS7 again but the file that my provider O2 has online is an .exe file - I use a Mac

    Secondly, although your reply was detailed I do not understand _why_ this happens. If you upgrade an existing OS why would languages be dropped? This makes no sense - an upgrade should not change settings in this way.

    02-11-12 03:44 AM
  4. iandean's Avatar
    Just to finish the thread I started I found that, at least for me, it is possible to restore languages with DM on Mac.

    My question _why_ an OS7 upgrade should cause these languages to disappear remains unanswered, but for the record I managed to restore Italiano, Francais and Deutsch:

    In DM for Mac - Device/Applications/Install Remove Apps/OS7 Core Apps/Languages and Input Support - maximise list - all languages should appear (this does not apply to Asian languages which are for some reason on a separate button)

    In my case the missing languages Italiano Francais Deutsch were not ticked - tick those and Install - they become available as Input Languages on the BB9900

    I also discovered that if having installed a language you go back into the DM for Mac Applications - ALL languages are ticked - ignore that - disconnect and reconnect device - this resets the language list

    Thanks for help here which encouraged me to experiment
    02-11-12 04:22 AM
  5. kjic13's Avatar
    The problem with installing by way of DM is that you don't know which loader file your carrier is providing. You may be switching from an AMEA to a jEastAsia or a hwAllLang, each of which provide a different bundle of input languages. My carrier only provides AMEA which has things like English, French, and Italian while what I really need are Korean, Japanese, and English.

    The solution is to either inject .cods manually for languages that fit your bundle as was expressed or to download the correct loader file and install by way of AppLoader. I think the issue with Macs is that AppLoader isn't an option so you're stuck with whatever your carrier offers and tracking those .cods online and hoping for the best.

    Alas, glad it worked out for you. Languages on BB phones should, IMO, all be included on every OS and deleted as needed... but maybe that's just wishful thinking. ^^
    02-11-12 06:54 AM
  6. iandean's Avatar
    Thanks for your clear explanation

    IMO too Blackberry should be shipped with all languages - or at the very least where an update to OS is released a note should indicate that some languages may be missing...and here is where you go to get them.

    With a 'literate' piece of kit like Blackberry having the right languages for the job, regardless of where you are physically in the world, would seem a vital feature.

    02-11-12 10:47 AM