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    Hello again helpful people.

    Ive moved from a 9780, which truly was awesome to a 9900 and have had a few teething issues, mainly because I'm not overly techy.

    What I liked about the 9780 was the simplicity, if I typed a letter, it would automatically take me to the phonebook and to the beginning of the list of names specific to that letter. The 9900 seems to have keys which take you directly to various applications instead.

    I know I am a biff that keeps asking probably simple questions, but some help may save me from hurling the otherwise great phone at the wall.

    Its not speed dials I am looking to edit, I just want to press a letter and go to that letter in the phonebook, also if I type a number then for it to open the 'dial' part of the handset.

    Many thanks, once again in advance for any help

    11-13-11 11:34 AM
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    Hi Chris, press Menu/Options/Launch By Typing, in the pull down box select Application Shortcuts. This is Os7's version of "Dial From Homescreen"-OFF and all your favorite shortcuts will be active and a few more. To deactivate key shortcuts select Universal Search then you can dial from homescreen. Hope this helps you.

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    11-13-11 12:01 PM
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    Just go to search mode,then go to option and there u can choice what u want to have
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    11-13-11 12:02 PM
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    Albee, sorry to appear thick, that option isnt there when I go to menu/options.
    11-13-11 12:33 PM
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    Got it, many thanks.
    11-13-11 12:48 PM
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    No prob, Lagerman. The new Os takes a little getting used to. Lots of functions in there! Have a great night.

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    11-13-11 05:46 PM