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    My keypad does not lit up all the time, got it for two days, I thought my eyesight getting worse.
    Anyway, it lit up walking home last night, but up this morning, room still dark, the keypad light would not come on, try put finger over sensor, or under duvet, no luck. Is that a common fault or is there a setting for it? Do I have a faulty phone?
    It's fine after battery pull, but it's silly to have to do that all the time. I used the search button, apart from confirm there's a light sensor, cannot fine a solution. Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!
    11-12-11 02:06 AM
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    Upgrade OS to .474. Try again.
    11-12-11 06:37 AM
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    thanks for suggestion.
    Unsure about download a leaked OS? since I have never done it before and not sure how (downloaded BBSAK once with previous 9700, and no matter what I do, disconnect, reboot, kill, delete stuff as suggested on forum .... BBSAK could not detect my phone at all). So I think I will take it back for a new handset, and hope for the best. I took it into geek squad yesterday, the technican play around with it, and the keypad come on again, but by the time I went to bed, it's gone again. The technican said there are other complain about the same issue on forums, but I don't seems to find any thread on this.
    Anyway, any other suggestions?
    11-13-11 03:01 AM
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    I would try to upgrade or wipe.

    474 is not leaked - it is an official OS. Carriers have their politics and issues so they aren't always up to date with their own "official" OS releases. So to repeat, 474 is not leaked. It is official, just not endorsed by your carrier. (I hope my connotations are correct.) Just install following the instructions outlined in the other forums.

    As for returning it, try to fix it first to see if you could fix it. The easiest way is to just wipe the device. This fixed my trackpad responsiveness - I have no idea why - without upgrading OS.

    If you return it, there is a slight, or big, depending on who you ask, chance that the one you would get back would be even more faulty - as they will probably give you a refurbished unit. With the "stories" of how BB units are constantly shifted around, like someone said, a refurbished swapping game, then an OK situation might even become worse. I have seen where the carrier will just easily swap the unit - my friend brought in a curve two weeks ago, they looked at it, realized it was a common defect, then within 5 minutes she had a new phone. I don't want to say it but I think they just swapped her phone for another one that they could have just fixed at the back or something. They were swapping many units at that time. (Came on a good day where they didn't care and just make people happy?)

    But if you still have a problem after doing everything humanly and reasonably possible, then maybe you should return it. Good luck.
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    11-13-11 03:13 AM
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    Thanks guys
    Wiped it and reinstall OS, no luck.
    Tried BBSAK to install new OS, cannot detect PIN/device.
    Tried load.exe ... no idea how, followed instruction online, but cannot find the update OS in loader.exe. Not good with computer, so no idea what I've done wrong.
    So swap a new handset, working so far, almost scare to install any new apps, in case more problems.
    But thank you for the suggestions.
    11-14-11 08:58 AM