1. HISHAAMF's Avatar
    Guys, I'm 99% sure its not my imagination. My keyboard seems somewhat stiff and most of the keys make a sticky sound when pressed. All the others make a springy bouncy sound which is the way it should be. This is my 2nd 9900 and it isn't as "loose" as my old one. My old one was horrible in that it had a moving trackpad but the keyboard was definitely better. It feels as if the keyboard isn't properly 100% adjusted in the membrane. The keyboard itself isn't noticibly tilted to one side and looks perfectly centred from what I can gather. The panel in which the trackpad lies is also raised resulting in the bb and call key being mushy. There is no way possible to get a replacement handset, don't ask why, it just is. I need to know if there's anyway I can somehow adjust the keyboard to get all the buttons to sound the same. The phone is 4 months old so I don't think its adjusting still. Thanks in advanced
    02-13-12 12:47 PM
  2. byul's Avatar
    i don't seems to have that problem, all my keys are the same when i press on it. tick sounds.
    the trackpad just fits in there with no wobbles, just sitting perfect in the middle.
    well i'm not sure but i opened my 9900 because i changed my bezel to black, and the membrane was attached on the keyboard,
    and the keyboard is attached with a ribbon cable on the motherboard, you could try to open it, but aye you would lose your warranty.
    or just simply leave it and don't fuss about it, i don't tend to worry too much anymore on some minor issues.
    i don't know how it would out for you since i'm not you. well i have my phone on 14th sept, have been mint one all the time.
    grrr my cousin grabbed my 9900 to type with her long nails and there is small scratch on the,
    Y key looks like a small dot. but nonetheless could be worse lol yarr
    02-13-12 12:56 PM
  3. HISHAAMF's Avatar
    Thanks. I think I'll open it up. My warranty is non existant this side of the world. 8-|
    02-13-12 01:35 PM
  4. byul's Avatar
    well if you are really sure you want to do that, you might check out youtube for vids first!
    but hey i'm not sure if it will fix it, so please bee sure about it & look first before you open it up!

    02-13-12 01:38 PM