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    Hey guys,

    i detected 2 problems on the new 7.1 i put on my bb.

    1: I normally had a qwertz keyboard, now the keys are changed. The new software installed a qwerty keyboard, and thats very annoying. How can i change this? In my keyboards options there is no key for changing the qwertz/qwerty keyboard.

    2. I had downloaded some apps from the "Thank You" thing for bb users, and i want do download them again, without paying. Does this work? i mean i already downloaded them.

    01-07-12 09:46 AM
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    I have same problem, just bought new 9810 with qwertz (in czech republic - german device) with OS 7... Ewerything was fine until update to Qwertz switched to qwerty and i hate it. Should i do a downgrade back to OS7?


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    01-20-12 01:46 AM
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    how to fix the reversed keyboard by Gigino 05:23 PM 01-16-2012 -- [Reply] [!!]
    hey all, for all people experiencing the reversed keyboard problem on the leak which has been annoying us german, swiss, etc.. users, i have found a fix posted by msl_laubo which fixes the problem.
    here's his post:


    Delete this two Files. Then Run loader.exe and delete Support for German. After reboot Run loader.exe again und install German again. After reboot just change under Options Keyboard to German and it Works.

    geht in den Ordner
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\"Firmware Version"\Java
    die Datein:


    sichern und lschen.
    Blackberry am PC anschlieen und loader.exe oder Desktop Manager starten und bei den Kernanwendungen Deutsch abwlen bzw. markieren zum entfernen/deinstallieren
    Wenn Blackberry rebootet hat wieder
    loader.exe oder DM starten und Deutsch unter Kernanwendungen wieder anwhlen oder zum installieren/hinzufgen makieren.
    Blackberry rebootet wieder.
    Nicht erschrecken wenn ihr gleich nach dem reboot auf das "z" drckt und ein "y" kommt.
    In die Optionen gehen -> Eingabe und Sprache -> Sprache -> Eingabe fr physische Tastatur auf "Deutsch" setzen -> speichern
    und nu solltet die Tastatur QWERTZ sein.

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    01-20-12 01:56 AM
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    Same issue here. It doesnt bother me that much. Im just waiting for an official update. Now what annoys me more is when I dial a number right away from my homescreen and I type a 7, the numbers, normally shown under the search field are automatically transformed into letters!!!!??? When I delete the typed 7, numbers get displayed again (dont know how to describe that better). When I click the call button with the letters shown, a number I havent dialed is called. So this effects my calling habits. Hope that get changed by RiM, too, soon.....
    01-24-12 02:19 PM