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    After a long wait - seemed like forever - I finally took the plunge and came back to BB when I purchased a 9900 on TMO last week. I had been using a Galaxy S for the past year and a half, which at the time had been my favorite phone. Needless to say it was hard to rip myself away from it.

    Prior to the GS I had made the horrible mistake of purchasing the HD2 (horrible!), and had all BB prior to that. The touch screen, usability, customization, etc etc of the GS simply floored me. I loved it! Recently though the 9900 kept creeping into the picture for me. I actually missed the physical keyboards (call me crazy) and the look of the 9900 was amazing.

    After a week of owning the 9900, it is safe for me to say this is my FAVORITE phone period. OS7's user interface is simple, easy to use, and well thought out. I have never received so many comments/compliments on a phone before.

    I don't play games all the time or constantly surf the web (though I check CNN and ESPN randomly) - I actually work for a living and needed a phone that was going to make that easier for me. I've played with iphones, obviously had an Andriod, and those are toys compared to the 9900. Emailing, texting, calling, Facebook (have to use social media for marketing purposes), calendar etc etc etc are all heads and shoulders above iOS and Android. I have a full time job and I run my own business on the side and this phone's impact has been felt.

    Yes I had heard concerns/complaints about bricking and battery life - and I'm lucky enough that I haven't experience a bricked phone yet. A lot of people talk about it bricking during an overnight charge so I've avoided that - I charge my phone whenever I can to keep it juiced up. Battery life - no worse than my GS. I've been averaging about 11-12 hours a day on a charge (down to 25%) before I recharge it. I send and receive about 10,000 texts a month - and rely on spreadsheets and email for work throughout the day. I am not light on my phone at all - and the 9900 has held up.

    Kudos to RIM on making a great phone - they've won me over for now. (yes they have a lot of work to do to get back to the top again - but who doesnt?)
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    01-23-12 06:25 PM
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    I actually missed the physical keyboards (call me crazy) and the look of the 9900 was amazing.
    Haha... not crazy! The keyboard is simply amazing. How do yo compare it to your past BB's?

    Oh and welcome back!
    01-23-12 06:29 PM
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    I had the Pearl and then the first Curve with the trackpad (first trackpad device I believe) a few years back. Compared to them, the 9900 is like a whole new device. This is simply the best BB ever.

    The keyboard - wow
    Browsing the Web - much improved (having the trackpad for precision on hitting links beats the heck out of zooming in and hoping I hit the right link on the GS)

    Sure I'd love the 2 day battery life of past BB, but battery innovation/development is lagging far far behind the hardward they are putting in phones these days. NO ONE has mastered that yet - iphone and Andriod battery life is on par with the 9900s.
    01-23-12 06:34 PM
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    Yeah my 9900 is pretty sexy, easily the best blackberry ever. The only thing that bugs me is how boring my phone can be at times, I remember picking up my brothers samsung captivate awhile back and feeling like the os on that is much more powerful/capable then bbos7. Still love my bold though
    01-23-12 10:06 PM
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    Just looking forward to the day I can upgrade from my bold 9650 Just drooling at the 9930 whenever I see one
    01-23-12 10:11 PM
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    Just picked up an Android phone. I'm going to be greedy and have both. I like the apps and toys on the Android phone. For communication, especially email. The Blackberry is so much better its no contest.

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    01-23-12 10:24 PM
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    My BB 9930 is the best BB I have had so far.

    This is my third BB and this is the best one.

    Be Bold, Go Bold
    01-23-12 10:26 PM