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    This is turning into 9650 all over again... I've only had it a few months and pampered the crap out of it just for this reason, last night I see light shining thru the edges of the n, t and y keys... I called verizon and they of course say its normal wear and tear and time frames aren't specified in the warranty so there is nothing they can do... Like I did 4 times with my 9650 I just had to give in and order a new keyboard... I might just order a few more to keep on hand lol... I wish the keyboards were like my Torch, they seemed to be like black plastic rather than paint you know... oh well, the 9930 is so effin amazing I can't be upset for too long about it... Plus its soooo much easier to change the keyboard out than on any other BB, pop the bottom piece off, two screws and bam!

    Sorry just had to vent, carry on
    11-17-11 11:29 AM