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    Just got my 9900 from orange today, will be unlocking later on to work with 3 Network.

    Damn, this is one fast phone. Just amazing! my first bb, so happy i chose this over the iphone 4s...

    some issues i have is

    1: App World, Is it just me or the app world is a pile of cra*. there isnt even a youtube app.

    2. Carbon Fibre Weave, at the back of the phone is hardly visable.

    3. ive set up password lock, but when i press the lock button on the top, it locks the phone. when i press it again, it unlocks and dosent even ask for the password. when i put it into the holster THEN it uses the password lock.

    4. Battery is weird. Restarting the phone takes 25% of the battery. When I use the phone, just random browsing, internet use, youtube, random stuff... it dosent use up battery. when its locked and in the holster, the battery level goes down rapidly.


    phone is telling me to update to OS 7.0.0 something, ive heard 'stories' that their phone nuke or brick after this... shud i update?

    apart from this, phone is AMAZING
    02-16-12 07:31 AM
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    Welcome to BlackBerry! I can answer some of your questions. I picked up my Bold 9930 just over a month ago and am very happy with it.
    1.You Tube - My phone came with the YouTube app pre-installed. Search around on your phone, it's probably hidden in the download folder of somewhere.
    2. hadn't really noticed it being a problem, but I have a protective case on mine.
    3. The lock button at the top of the phone locks the screen only, which protects from inadvertent key pushes and dialing. It doesn't use a password. The pass word lock you've set does go into effect if the phone is inserted into the holster or after about five minutes of non-use (depending on what time limit you've set when setting the password).
    4. I've not experienced any problem with my battery going down after resetting.

    Good luck with the phone!
    02-16-12 07:46 AM
  3. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    1. App world probably doesn't have much choice to choose from, but it does have plenty of useful apps depending on what you use. There isn't a youtube app, but there's a youtube launcher by default which works the same as an app. The mobile web version of youtube is decent enough imo.

    2. It really isn't a carbon fibre weave. Its just a glass composite weave made to look like a carbon fibre weave.

    3. I don't use a holster, so I can't really comment on that. But I'm guessing there's probably an option for holster. Maybe other users can advice.

    4. Battery life wise I would say just monitor for a couple of days and see. If it settles down. Perhaps you can try updating to the latest os to see if that helps as many users have reported improved battery life from updates.

    Regarding to bricking, there plenty of other scenarios that people have report to cause bricking. But IMO, if it is going to brick, it will probably no matter what you do. Mine has been working brilliantly for months. I've loaded most leaked and official OS, and still my phones works perfectly. If not the new os always brings improvement to my bold. So give it a try. If it bricks, quickly send it back for a replacement. Until you give get a perfect working one that doesn't brick, or till you give up. I mean its better to find out early on if your phone is prone to bricking.

    Congrats on your new bold btw. Enjoy it and don't worry so much about the issues other people reported. It may have happened to some other users but it definitely hasn't happened to everyone. Cheers!!!

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    02-16-12 07:47 AM