1. ycrad's Avatar
    I gotta say, I went into Rogers yesterday to check things out. I was bored with my iphone 3gs and only a month or so left on my contract I was looking for a change.

    I managed to get the Bold 9900 for 79.99 + tax on a new contract. The cash out cost of the phone was 370.00 (for those that don't know...Rogers has tweaked the contract cancelling policies). I pretty much couldn't say no...

    So far, 24-36 hours with it...I am still pretty darn happy with it.

    Speed is awesome, the battery seems on par with iphone so far, love the display, not much smaller than the 3gs, but much nicer (I know its not a retina, but...) BBM oh, how I missed you as opposed to my imessages that timeout 9 times out of 10 most of the time.

    01-30-12 01:43 PM
  2. KoolKeyth5's Avatar
    Congrats....great phone. Did you get the black or white one?
    01-30-12 02:04 PM
  3. MrChiezy's Avatar
    I'm trying not to be jealous.
    01-30-12 02:17 PM
  4. ycrad's Avatar
    Congrats....great phone. Did you get the black or white one?
    I got black, I did look at the white, but in the end, stuck with the black one.

    Side note - Sales guy as much as he thinks he knows about phones...he pretty much tried to talk me out of getting the 9900. Really too bad, since it's a freaking bargain, but alas...probably makes more money for Rogers getting people on iphone and droid.

    Again so far, been busy with family stuff, really haven't had time to really play around with it other then the initial over air update (which took FOREVER) and add my gmail details to it.
    01-30-12 02:26 PM
  5. TurkXtreme's Avatar
    My 9900 is around 1000-1100 USD in Turkey. You are very lucky... iphone4s is 1500-1600 USD... Many people use expensive phones but...
    01-30-12 02:58 PM
  6. SHADMOS's Avatar
    I got one too today!. I switched from the 9810. Great phone and design, but the 9900 was just calling my name.
    01-30-12 06:02 PM
  7. emirozmen's Avatar
    I paid mine $800 from Amazon.
    Congrats on the new phone!
    01-30-12 06:39 PM