1. garry25's Avatar
    Hey i just bought a 9900 BOLD upgraded from my 9780

    Well i got a bug - The headphone do not work when plugged in to make a call or to listen to music they keep changing between speaker/headset its like there flashing icons speaker/headset vice versa it happened after i installed apps

    Apart from that everything is fine i reinstalled the software

    So here my main question is that i have a bb bold 9900 unlocked it was rogers branded and i got it unlocked it currently has

    and i wanna upgrade to 7.0.0 anything higher preferably .585

    But my question is ROGERS DID NOT TAKE OUT a upgrade higher than .261 so

    How can i upgrade the software? is it safe?
    Can i upgrade/update it?
    if so what are the effects and How do it i do it
    and isthere any chance of getting my phone damaged if i upgrade?
    12-15-11 04:33 PM
  2. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    It is very safe. You will need to locate a carrier that has a higher software version and download it. from there you will need to delete the vendor.xml file and then run Desktop Software and then upgrade. No chance of damaging the unit.
    12-15-11 04:44 PM