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    1st BB : March 2011 - 9780

    Till this valentine's day - 4 devices of 9780 (last one was made in canada1) but she too died - wouldn't switch-on early morning 14th Feb ..Lol !!

    RIM wanted to swap for another 9780 BUT i put my foot down - told 'em wanna 9900

    became a corporate battle - ultimately RIM Customer Loyalty sanctioned this 9900 few hrs back after a few harsh/sentimental words with new CEO Thorsten Heins ...

    Installed .267 & am now ready to go ...
    02-22-12 12:18 PM
  2. Phill_UK's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about the 9780 audio_engr, but welcome aboard the big Bold forum

    Only 2 rules in here...

    1) Never compare your battery life to any previous BB models, and
    2) Always treat anyone who mentions the word 'bricked' as a troll

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    02-22-12 12:39 PM
  3. wolfee48's Avatar
    Never too late...

    and +1 on what Phill_UK said.
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    02-22-12 12:52 PM