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    This all happened so fast, I failed to note the exact error code BUT it was definitely a 5xx code - the message said "Java error 5xx" then underneath just one option to "continue". when I clicked continue, the phone displayed an hourglass for what seemed like 5 minutes. I ran downstairs to my PC, as this is the SECOND time my phone has nuked (first was the error 102). I hook up the phone to the PC, with .353 installed, the thing boots up without even installing a thing, didnt even get to the connecting to device part, and the phone turns on, wiped clean but with all my apps installed.
    I searched and saw a post by Phil_UK with a listing of 5xx error codes and all of them were hardware related.
    This is my 2nd 9930. It's only a month and a half old, the first one was returned for this one (BNIB). Guess it's going back. I cant have something like this happen on a weekday, I'll be effed.
    I will tell you this; Every phone has it's problems, just seems like lately, Blackberry's problems appear too much to overcome. This is getting beyond the point of "smartphone glitches" and into the world of "lay down and die already". They've really produced a ****ty bunch of devices with this faux 7.0 OS
    11-27-11 09:56 AM