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    Hello fellow crackberry users! iIve been having some horrible issues regarding my media player on my new Bold 9930, I sync my entire itunes library (about 2200 songs, had no problems at all on my old 9780) and when its done and I disconnect it from DM the phone starts readin the Micro SD card (16GB Sandisk) for some reason it displays my library correctly when I trought my music, however if i try to search i get a message saying that i have no music, furthermore the media app uses about 90% of my phones CPU killing the battery in around 3 hours :S furthermore, when I do a batterry pull SOMETIMES my phone seems to go back in time, recent changes ive made to my menu or recent messegase ive receive seem to dissapear, what gives? I would appreciate any help
    11-24-11 01:22 AM