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    Hello all, long time since I roamed the forums, but I have an issue I cant seem to find any help with. I just upgraded to the latest VZ os version (7.0.0 1739) and everything went great (backed up my phone with BB Desktop and used that to do the upgrade). The issue I have is that it restored all my messages after the upgrade to the generic Messages folder, and not a separate folder I had set up for Gmail. I then went online to the Verizon BIS site and re-entered my PIN and IEN, and it downloaded all the mail it had. When it did that, it basically said every email came in at 8:30pm today, and not the actual date it came in.

    All in all, it breaks down to:
    1)Old emails are all showing up (un-threaded) in the messages folder with the proper dates/times I got them

    2) all emails on my BIS re-downloaded and are marked as arriving tonight within 3 minutes of each other.

    Any one have any insight into this?
    10-24-11 07:48 PM