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    You might think I'm going crazy here, and I actually can't believe I'm saying this... But I'm going back from BlackBerry to iPhone.
    (despite having sworn never to go back at iPhone again)

    My very first smartphone has been the iPhone 3GS, and I loved it... Except for 1 thing; I couldn't get used the horrible typing. I kept ticking the wrong letters over and over, while writing text messages (even after 3 months). That frustrated me soo much that I decided to look for something with a keyboard and found out about the Blackberry 9700, which I instantly fell in love with!
    The 9700 was a great device with perfect battery-life (I could go up to 3,5 days where my previous 3GS only got 1).
    Only issue were several freezes every now and than, specially when I used Facebook.
    I was relieved when the 9780 was released as it was rumoured to be much smoother.
    For me the 9780 was an instant buy, and I loved every minute of it; smooth and perfect battery-life!
    I became a huge fan of BlackBerry, and was happy I made the switch from iPhone to BB.

    Than like 2,5 months ago I bought the new BB 9900, and this has unfortunately completely changed my mindsetting about BlackBerry.
    Yes, the device looks beautiful and it runs smooth as well... But at the same time they took a MAJOR blow in the battery-area, where BlackBerry used to be extraordinary strong, compared to all their market competitors.
    Not only this, but also the fact that most apps get released for Android/IOS much sooner than BB is something that started to annoy me. It never bothered me much in the past, as (like most BlackBerry users agree on) my motto always was "who needs all these stupid apps/toys, BlackBerry does exactly what a phone needs to do, communicate".
    I guess when getting completely disappointed about their "once soo strong point" (the battery), it's easier to notice other tiny issues that normally don't bother you at all.
    - Going from 3,5 days on my 9780 to just 1 day on my new 9900 is just too much for me...

    Now, after reading several reviews on the iPhone 4S, I'v decided to give it another try with Apple.
    One thing's for sure, the 9900 doesn't give me the benefit over the iPhone that it once had... So they lost one of their strongest selling alibi's.
    And with all the apps being released much sooner (and probably being updated more often as well) on the iPhone... What reason do I now have to stay loyal to RIM?

    Sincerely, I feel somewhat bad by having to make this decission, but letting down your fans in probably your strongest area (battery life) is probably the most stupid thing RIM has done!

    * I have always considered iPhone a serious option, due to VALUABLE apps (not talking about the stupid games and such) such as Viber/Skype. But till now the excellent battery life of BlackBerry was the deciding point, for me to stay loyal to RIM.
    Well, not anymore... I truly regret it, as I was always full of trust in them and I loved my BlackBerry to bits.

    --> Thanks RIM, for turning your back on me (and many others), and removing one of the features that made you superior, and that we worshiped you for.

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    11-06-11 06:09 PM
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    11-06-11 06:11 PM