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    I've been using Blackberry phones for over 2 years. And my main problem was internet usage over 3G/edge. Because there's no BIS service in my country. But I changed settings of APN for my home carrier's. And it started working. But I had another problem, during the day internet was stopped working. I think this is issue for all Blackberry phones used without BIS. So I should restart (ctrl+alt+del) my phone to solve this matter, and it was annoying everytime to restart. And then I found that I can just go to Options/Device and check for a Software Update. When it stopped checking for update internet started working again without restarting. But this hint worked on my 9700 and 9800.
    Now I'm using 9930 from Verizon. It's awesome. But the problem is that Verizon's phone does not have a such option as Software Update in the menu. So I should restart my phone when my internet freezes. It's very annoying.
    Does anyone know this matter and better solution for this matter rather than restarting the phone each time internet over APN freezes?

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    09-29-11 04:05 PM