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    I've just bought my new Bold 9900, switched over from an iPhone, and yes, it's the keyboard and touch screen combo that won me over. However I NEED Docs to Go on my phone, and I need it to be synced to about 70 key files. I've now discovered that Docs to Go on OS7 is not quite the same thing and cannot be sync'd. I did get the "Docs to Go Files" app installed and that was working, thought I had it solved, but now getting the "xx days left" message. And apparantly there is no way to purchase/input the key from DataViz in the BB Docs to Go, so "Docs to Go Files" will die....

    I've read in other posts where people have removed the BB Docs to Go and installed the DataViz Docs to Go direct from the web, not using BB App World - but how???

    Being a newbie I don't know where or what (detailed) steps I have to take to install from a downloaded file. I've got the "Documents to Go ALX Package" downloaded onto my computer, and I guess I could get it downloaded onto the 9900 as well. I could look for a zip file opener and get to the real files too. But what then?? Looking at the EFIGS_Only set (English French Italian German Spanish) there's the .alx file and the "45", "47", and "60" folders, all of them full of ".cod" files - whatever those are....

    What do I do to INSTALL those files - cause I cannot access them through BB App World.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and Thanks in Advance!!!!
    02-28-12 10:02 AM
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    If you need to download Doc to Go by OTA, here is the link.. h**p://bbzone.us/2011/12/13/doc-to-go-v-3-0-0-206-os7.html

    I only use this link to delete Doc to Go app from my phone..
    02-28-12 01:23 PM
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    It should be on Blackberry App world. Get it there. You may want to setup BB ID first, app world will use the same info to create an account for you. Then you can easily install/uninstall/reinstall apps. If you ever switch devices you can easily get your paid and free apps back. Enjoy your new Bold!
    02-28-12 02:36 PM
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    Thanks for the info lycafe and albee1.

    The OTA link is for a slightly updated version of BB's version of D2G, not the original versions direct from DataViz. DataViz made D2G up to OS6 whic included syncing. Then when BB bought out DataViz they did not include the ability to synd in the BB version, thus my tries to download/install a DataViz product, which would necessarily be for OS6 or earlier - even though the 9900 has OS7. You can get the link to dodwnload the DataViz version, but like I said the only files are .alx or .cob - and what can I do with those????

    BB App World does have D2G but when you're downloading from the 9900 it says "Version not available for your device" or some such thing. Stymied there too!!

    Any ideas of how to install a program from a downloaded file?? or from an .alx file?? Thanks again all!!
    02-28-12 09:29 PM
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    The version I have on 7.1.0,163 is and it works well. Hope this helps you. If not anything else check on Blackberry.com. Another option is to load it with DM. Here is a link for 9810 but the same should apply.
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    02-29-12 05:07 PM
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    02-29-12 05:10 PM